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What is an Honor Society?

An Honor Society is an organization intended to benefit and group together like-minded individuals?based on academic excellence, leadership abilities and other similar interests or abilities.?NSHSS recognizes students who excel academically and are leaders among their peers.

What is the National Society of High School Scholars?

NSHSS is a membership organization with a mission of recognizing academic excellence among high-achieving students. Through unique learning experiences, exclusive scholarships, valuable internships, international study opportunities and meaningful peer networks, we connect our members with resources to develop their strengths and pursue their passions. Serving a diverse member base on a path from high school to university to career. NSHSS helps scholars identify and use the gifts they have been given and equips them for future success.

Why is Mr. Nobel involved in The National Society of High School Scholars?

Mr. Claes Nobel is the senior member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes. He helped found NSHSS to continue his family’s legacy of recognizing and rewarding contributions to world betterment. He believes the world leaders of tomorrow will emerge from today’s youth, and that NSHSS is a platform for young leaders to receive the support needed to change their world. As the chair of the advisory board, Mr. Nobel is personally involved in many of the Society’s initiatives. He attends member events, and provides input on the strategic direction of the organization.

How is NSHSS unique?

As an active membership organization for high-achieving students, NSHSS is not a simple recognition program or vanity press. There is no listing of students published or a book to buy. Through its objective membership process, NSHSS is proud to be an inclusive organization, drawing from a broad, diverse pool of students and offering exclusive benefits and value to its members. Unique participatory activities include academic competitions, local and international events for members and their families, networking, and volunteer activities.

What are the benefits of membership after I graduate high school?

NSHSS members will continue to enjoy the benefits of membership into their university years and beyond. After high school, members are still able to apply for scholarships, internships, and study abroad opportunities. NSHSS university members also get discounts on test preps, and have the opportunity to participate in unique events such as the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, and attending the festivities surrounding the Nobel Prize awards in Stockholm.


What is the criteria for membership?

NSHSS works directly with high school principals and educators?to identify students who may qualify. Students who we believe are qualified may be selected to receive an invitation.

Members must be a student in high school and must meet? ANY ONE?of the criteria below:

  • IB Exam – 36 total points or higher
  • IGCSE –Grade A or higher on any exam
  • AP Exam –Score 4 or higher on any exam
  • Cumulative GPA –3.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • 88 on a 100 point scale

How do I become a member?

Qualified students who have been identified as meeting at least one NSHSS eligibility requirement may receive an invitation letter from the Society through your high school chapter. You must be selected for membership to join The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). Once you receive your invitation, you can join online by accepting your invitation on our website: www.nshss.cn.

How can I get an invitation to join NSHSS?

If you have not received an invitation, but meet one of the criteria listed above, you can ask the NSHSS Chapter Advisor at your school to nominate you for membership. If there is not an NSHSS Chapter at your high school currently, you can start a chapter by sending an email request to Chapter@nshss.cn.

What do I get once I become a member?

As a new member, you will be presented with a member kit at the induction ceremony at your school. The member kit contains:

  • Your membership certificate
  • A welcome letter from NSHSS founder Mr. Claes Nobel with your membership ID number
  • Information about your benefits and how you can apply for scholarships
  • Information from NSHSS partners and programs

I'm a new member, how can I become more involved with NSHSS?

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Attend an NSHSS member event or university recruitment fair
  • Write an article for the NSHSS Scholars Journal and/or Blog
  • Talk to your Chapter Advisor and Executive Board on becoming an NSHSS Chapter Officer next academic year
  • Participate in chapter activities and events
  • Tell others at your school about the Society
  • Follow NSHSS on WeChat and Weibo to get the latest updates and information
  • Explore the discounts, scholarships, and other privileges offered by NSHSS partners

How do I apply for NSHSS scholarships?

Visit www.nshss.cn?and sign into your member dashboard. Select “Set Up Your Password” if it is your first time signing in. Once you are in your member dashboard, select “Apply for Scholarships.” Scholarship applications appear on student dashboards only.


How much does NSHSS cost?

NSHSS has a one-time membership fee of RMB2,000. This is a lifetime membership.

Why is there a membership fee?

Like most membership organizations, a fee is charged to help cover the organizational costs of fulfilling our mission. Our one-time, lifetime fee covers virtually all expenses associated with membership in NSHSS, including access to benefits and opportunities available only to members of NSHSS, such as:

  • Exclusive scholarship opportunities and academic competitions
  • Publications and member-only web content
  • Member communications including regular emails and e-newsletters
  • Service and leadership opportunities
  • Unique outreach from top universities from the United States and other countries.
  • Unique offerings through our educational and corporate?partnerships
  • Personalized membership certificate
  • Peer networking
  • Opportunities to connect with mentors